Starfiz had the joy of working with a fantastic creative team, directed by Leonora Lonsdale, to create the Brighton Festival promotional video for 2015.

Katie and Leyla’s Aerial Sphere act was used to help illustrate Ali Smith’s message about imagining the borders between artforms overlapping, in a multi-disciplinary video filmed in the Brighton Dome.

Thanks to Clare Anderson for rigging.

Back on Valentines Day, Starfiz travelled to Blackpool to take part in Showzam!


The annual festival’s theme for 2015 was circus and performance, so Katie and Leyla opened the romantic Carnival Ball event with a Moulin Rouge Silks Act. The glamorous and entertaining evening took place in the stunning Blackpool Tower Ballroom, which is the perfect venue for a silks aerial show.

Katie Hardwick & Leyla Rees Moulin Rouge Silks Act

Katie Hardwick & Leyla Rees Moulin Rouge Silks Act

Starfiz received some excellent feedback for the silks performance!

He introduced the first act, Starfiz, a female duo who were fantastic. The glamorous girls climb two lengths of red fabric, suspended from the ceiling, and proceeded to perform in the air, doing the splits and somersaults to a backdrop of sparkly stars and accompanied by the music of Lady Ga Ga, and Tony Bennett as well as the Moulin Rouge song, ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’. The synchronicity was amazing as they tumbled down the curtains. – Elizabeth Ward, audience member review on ALTBLACKPOOL

“Aerial silks performers Starfiz got the show on the road with a Moulin Rouge routine that left the audience gasping as they plunged to the floor, tied in red silk knots” – Anna Cryer, review for Blackpool Gazette

Starfiz Moulin Rouge Silks Act

Photo by Claire Griffiths

Starfiz Moulin Rouge Silks Act Blackpool

Starfiz Aerial Duo performing in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Rigging was done by Bryan Donaldson of High Performance Productions, and the Serenity girls kindly recommended Starfiz for the show.

Starfiz taught Chelsee Healey how to perform a silks act on ITV’s Sunday evening show, Get Your Act Together. The show replaces the popular Dancing on Ice, and sees celebrities learning how to perform variety acts along-side professionals in a competition judged by the studio audience.

You can currently see the episode on ITV’s player

Celebrity Contestants

Celebrity Contestants

Katie spent a fortnight teaching actress Chelsee Healey how to perform a silks act, starting with the basics as Chelsee had never done any aerial work before, but had previously learned how to move gracefully as a successful contestant on Strictly Come Dancing.

Chelsee Healey and Starfiz performing silks on Get Your Act Together

Chelsee Healey and Starfiz performing silks on Get Your Act Together

Chelsee and Katie performed a Bond themed act at the ITV studios in Waterloo, in beautiful gold and black leotards.

A special thanks to Nik, Alex and Maurycy at The Hangar for their help in counter weighting during rehearsals.

Starfiz have a new doubles act….the Aerial Sphere!

Above is a little video of our first performance of the new act, at The Aeronaut Pub in Acton.

Full video coming soon…

Katie and Leyla performed a silks demonstration with Viva Aerial Dance, on Sky’s celebrity quiz show, A League Of Their Own, before celebrity contestants were helped into harnesses and attempted to answer sports questions whilst performing a silks move.

The silks routine was choreographed by Michele Laine, director of Viva, and we performed with Lilli Muhleisen and Colette Morrow.

Curiosity Club Event Poster

Starfiz performed their 1920s flapper act on silks at The Brewery in London, for a Great Gatsby inspired event with stylish decoration and a huge variety of entertainment.

The dining room performance stage

The dining room performance stage

The Starfiz silks act opened the dinner entertainment, with our upbeat, playful flapper characters stunning guests with flexible poses and daring drops.

Flapper Splits Balance

Flapper Splits Balance

Starfiz aerialists posing with the Jazz dancers.

Starfiz aerialists posing with the Jazz dancers.

We were very impressed with the slick and stylish moves of the acrobatic jazz dance trio who also entertained guests during dinner.

Flapper Dancer Sofa

Flapper Heads

We have a new commercial showreel…Starfiz on screen!


Strictly Come Dancing with Du Sol Productions

Sony Xperia T3 online advert, director Martin Garde, choreographer Alex Poulter

Hoover commercial

Crystal Fighters Wave music video with High Performance

Ford Fiesta This Is Now campaign polaroid film