ImageKatie spent the last week working next to Camden Beach at the Roundhouse with Gorilla Circus.

The Roundhouse puts on activities for young people each summer, and invited Gorilla Circus back to put up their “Monster” rig in the car park for some flying fun! Gorilla Circus’ Debs Richards, and Katie Hardwick, taught static trapeze, silks and aerial hoop to young people each morning. Extremely lucky with the weather, the classes saw the two groups of students improving their strength and skills over the five day course. Some students signed up for static aerial skills and flying trapeze each day, leaving with a whole load of skills, fun memories, bruises and blisters.

Gorilla Circus let Katie have a lesson on the flying rig one day, in which she was caught from a splits under the bar, and struggled to change the rhythm from the petite volante at The Circus Space – the Monster rig has a lot longer swing!