Aerial Champagne Pouring - Twenties Style

Katie and Leyla put on their flapper tasseled leotards, their feathered head-bands and popped the corks on some champagne bottles at the Rose Theatre Kingston during the International Youth Arts Festival. Suspended from a freestanding rig in the foyer of the theatre, the Gatsby style aerialists poured bubbly for guests of the Rumpsteppers twenties themed evening, hosted by Our Friends Records and starring The Correspondents.

Aerial Champagne Pouring

Taking it in turns to pour the champagne and to hold champagne flutes loaded with raspberries, the aerial duo found positions in which to create beautiful and acrobatic pouring poses with a difference.

At a venue which has seen a lot of ambient aerial performance, guests commented on how interesting the theatre of our champagne pouring was, and how our costumes fitted perfectly with the 1920s theme.

Doubles hoop champagne pouring

Aerial drinks pouring is a fun and interactive way to introduce aerial performance to an event. It allows aerialists and guests to meet each other, to create a sense of fun and to not give away too much of what we can do in a feature act once the drinks pouring has finished. Perfect for events with a Great Gatsby theme! Please also take a look at our synchronised silks act with a Great Gatsby theme.

Aerial drinks pouring

Creative Youth charity puts on The International Youth Arts Festival every July, with resident event photographer Tangle Photography capturing performers, guests, audience members, participants, shows, parties, behind the scenes and more.

The beautiful Great Gatsby characters also came out for the dance event of the festival, after which OFR played Charleston music whilst Katie improvised some freestyle silks.