Sunshine and Hoop

We just came across this action shot of us really enjoying performing doubles aerial hoop in the sunshine, taken by the author of Not Just A Pretty Face. It made us smile!

On Saturday we performed our Spinning Silks act for the first time in a while, and were reminded of how much we love working together, performing duo acts. It’s much easier to perform synchronised acts on separate silks or hoops, but duo acts take much more trust and intuition, which only come when you work together for a long time. This summer we’ll have known each other for twenty years! We met at The Circus Space on a week long performance course for children over the summer holidays.

Today we’re working on our Aerial Sphere act, which we’ll be premiering at The Aeronaut on 18th and 19th July. Lots of fast spinning!

Post Spinning Silks performance with Swamp Circus on Saturday.

Post Spinning Silks performance with Swamp Circus on Saturday